Dr’s Testimonial for Gokhale Method

I have to share this great testimonial coming from a GP in my recent Melbourne Gokhale Method Foundations Course. He encourages his patients in Australia to look at root causes of their pain and promotes healthier ways to eliminate it for good!

“One of the most difficult things all healthcare practitioners have to grapple with is the modern 1st world epidemic of chronic back and neck pain. We now realise patients have been over-prescribed strong opioid painkillers as a ‘ last gasp quick fix’ instead of trying other things first.

Esther Gokhale’s postural guidelines, which act in effect as a daily mindful ‘manual traction/posture optimisation’ approach to chronic back pain, are nothing short of a revelation. More importantly, her teachings are based on sound biomechanical, anthropological, and clinical observations that just make total sense.

Whilst Esther’s book and YouTube videos are a great introduction/primer to her techniques, the weekend ‘Foundation Course’ for those with chronic pain is strongly recommended/needed if you want to gain a deeper understanding of the key concepts.

Esther’s work in back pain is well known in the United States, with many doctors routinely directing patients to learn her teachings, but it is time her posture principles were much more widely known in Australia as something to encourage chronic back pain patients to learn.

I highly recommend attending Michelle Ball’s weekend ‘foundation course’ in Esther’s posture principles for anyone trying to manage chronic musculoskeletal back pain issues.”

Dr. Christopher Oh

GP, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

For more information on the Gokhale Method and classes on offer in Australia visit my Teacher’s Page

Cheers Michelle

Published by Michelle Ball

I am a massage therapist and Gokhale Method® Teacher I do Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage simply for this reason- "It is the most relaxing massage that I have ever received and in turn, it is what I want to share with others." Lomi Lomi involves long rhythmic strokes as well as deep work relaxing the body, mind and spirit on all levels. I thoroughly love giving this massage. I am also a Gokhale Method Teacher. This method is based on the Book "8 Steps to a Pain Free Back" by Esther Gokhale. Primal Posture™ and alignment for Pain-Free living. After discovering this method for myself, it wasn't enough for me to just do massage. I wanted to teach people how they could help themselves when they are off of my table. Many of my clients suffer from chronic or acute pain. It is one thing for me to help people by applying external forces. But it is another to help empower them to help themselves lead a pain-free life 24/7. The Gokhale Method® teaches you how to lengthen strengthen and align your body enabling a pain-free life everyday! It doesn't involve a lot of exercises or gadgets. It incorporates improved movements that you use while sitting, standing, sleeping and walking. Doing daily movements in a way that promotes health and well being as opposed to promoting arthritic conditions, disc degeneration or worse. It is based on posture that you had as a little kid, on cultures where people don't experience back pain and on our ancestors. It is old/new information that we have forgotten how to use put together in an easy to follow, comprehensive way. Gokhale Method inspires you to think that there is something you can do for yourself to help treat your symptoms of pain. I encourage you to look into it further on www.gokhalemethod.com or contact me with any questions.

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