“One of the most difficult things all healthcare practitioners have to grapple with is the modern 1st world epidemic of chronic back and neck pain. We now realise patients have been over-prescribed strong opioid painkillers as a ‘ last gasp quick fix’ instead of trying other things first.

Esther Gokhale’s postural guidelines, which act in effect as a daily mindful ‘manual traction/posture optimisation’ approach to chronic back pain, are nothing short of a revelation. More importantly, her teachings are based on sound biomechanical, anthropological, and clinical observations that just make total sense.

Whilst Esther’s book and YouTube videos are a great introduction/primer to her techniques, the weekend ‘Foundation Course’ for those with chronic pain is strongly recommended/needed if you want to gain a deeper understanding of the key concepts.

Esther’s work in back pain is well known in the United States, with many doctors routinely directing patients to learn her teachings, but it is time her posture principles were much more widely known in Australia as something to encourage chronic back pain patients to learn.

I highly recommend attending Michelle Ball’s weekend ‘Foundation course’ in Esther’s posture principles for anyone trying to manage chronic musculoskeletal back pain issues.”  – Dr. Christopher Oh  GP, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

After a few years of lower back pain I discovered the Gokhale Method. It has absolutely changed my life. I am no longer limiting my activities and am no longer in pain every day! The foundations course was fantastic, it taught me everything I need to know about posture enabling me to now lead a pain free life. I would recommend to anyone with back/neck or knee pain and now recommend it to a lot of my patients.
Dr Kate Collister  GP, Anesthetist – WA

My name is Paul McRae To any one considering attending the Gokhale method course. I would highly recommend that any one with back pain attend this course. There was more than enough information about relieving back pain and correcting posture. The information will set you up for a life free of back pain if followed correctly. It is a great back up to the book and dvd. It gave me confidence that I was doing the exercises correctly and Michelle was excellent. She answered every question and was very knowledgeable. She is obviously very passionate about her work. It was well worth the cost.  I am sure the Gokhale Method will catch on. – Paul McRae – Youthworker/disability

Sean & Sara – Gokhale Method Foundations Course Melbourne August 2015

Jen Hubicki – You can have really good posture and be relaxed!

“I found the Gokhale Method made sense to me and had bought the book but I had not been able to put it into action properly. The workshop brought the book and method to life for me. Michelle is an engaging, helpful and understanding instructor and I highly recommend anyone wanting to follow the method to do a workshop to set them on the right path.” Colleen Thorp – VIC

For more information contact Michelle Ph: 0428223271 or Email: michelle@gokhalemethod.com

Web page: http://gokhalemethod.com/biography/Michelle_Ball

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