Here are just a few testimonials from satisfied clients:

“I recently visited St Helens and hurt my back while loading my ute. I am extremely lucky to have found Aloha Dreaming Massage on my smart phone . I was in a lot of pain going in . I was given a lot of advice on how to improve my seating posture. The massage was really good. I had a few hours back to the airport and a full day getting back to Cairns. Taking the advice really helped and I am extremely grateful for a pain free recovery. I intend to go back to Tasmania in two weeks . I will definitely be booking in for a fantastic massage again.
Thanks again for the professional massage and advise . See you soon”
John C

“Best massage we have ever had, Michelle was fantastic with the way she explains what happens to our bodys . Price wise I think it is great value for your money. Never before have we had anyone go into detail as Michelle did.
Please do yourself a favour and make it a must when you visit Tasmania. Binalong bay what a beautiful place with the best massage you will get any where. Thank you Michelle see you next time we are in Tasmania.
– Sam & Julie

“Thank you for one of the most amazing massages of my life!” – Dr. Elizabeth W.

“Aloha! Thank you for giving me just what I wanted – a firm massage that transported me to a special place! Wonderful!” – David T.

“The most relaxing, sensitive massages I’ve ever had. Thank you so much!” -Michelle F.

” The best birthday gift!! A fabulous way to start a birthday. The very best massage experience ever. Feel totally renewed. Many Thanks” – Sheryl M.

“Such a release and awakening in my body. Thank you so much for an amazing experience.”– Christina

“Thank you Michelle, Very relaxing & peaceful. Will come again when I visit Tassie. Best massage so far!” – Sarah x 🙂

“Thank you for a truly life giving experience Michelle. I feel balanced and a lot better. And you seemed to have tamed that painful hip problem. It eased after the massage and gave me relief after some weeks of discomfort. Thanks again.” – Rabbit H.

“I feel alive! Really helped me, Thank you, Fantastic!” – Sarah M.

“Life changing – Thanks Michelle ” -Marilyn B.

“Simply wonderful I was transported to another place. Thank You.” -Lance S

“A Revelation. A True Hawaiian Holiday in Binalong Bay. Thanks!” – Daniel Scott (travel writer)

“Without a doubt the most relaxing massage that I have ever had. Thank you so much” -Robert V.

“I truly believe things happen for a reason and you meet people for a reason. Michell, you have taken my stresses away and introduced me to some techniques that will assist me to appreciate me. Thank you ever so much.” -Georgia A.

“The most thorough and interesting form of massage I have ever encountered. Very pleased and very relaxed” – Kat S.

“A truly amazing experience! I have had all types of massage in different parts of the world But never Hawaiian before. I loved it! Very therapeutic and so relaxing!!!! Thank you so much Michelle” -Trude S.

Michelle’s massage is a beautiful way to unwind and recharge at any time. I find it really helps to eliminate stress and tension. Michelle truly has love and respect for her recipients and she always provides an outstanding massage experience.” -Conner B.

I loved it! It’s like a tropical holiday. I felt like I’d been to Hawaii!” – Elaine S.

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2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Received some very good tips and advice from Michelle to help improve my circulation and posture prior to what I thought was the best massage I have ever received (in 63 years) !
    Michelle clearly listened to my particular issues and worked the relative areas thoroughly both through applied massage and stretching, a combination that worked really well for me.
    Thanks again Michelle, regards, Brian


  2. Thank you Brian. It was my pleasure! Lovely meeting you and do stay in touch. Remember to do a shoulder roll when you think of it! 🙂


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