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I am a massage therapist and a Gokhale Method™ Teacher and posture coach. I have been Massaging for about 17 years now and teaching posture for 7+ years. I love what I do! I enjoy meeting and helping people feel better in their bodies. All of my massage clients get a brief consultation before getting on my table. As a teacher of posture, I can often see what is bothering them by the way they carry themselves or the way they sit. However, I always listen attentively and never make assumptions. I am so intrigued that every massage that I do is slightly different. Every person that I touch has different needs. This is not a strictly mechanical process. My massage is based on Hawaiian lomi lomi movements that are adjusted in pressure and focus to suit the recipient’s needs.  Sometimes the physical issues are the most prominent and that is where I focus my energy. My Gokhale Method training helps me tune into misalignments in the body caused by poor postural patterns. It gives me great pleasure to be able to release contracted muscles, free up tight joints and increase circulation. In some cases it can be emotional issues causing blockages in the body. This does not mean that I take on people’s issues or do something completely different every time. It does involve empathy and tuning in to what is appropriate for each individual. Looking at things in this way, I act as a catalyst to help remove blockages and free up energy that causes pain and discomfort. Sometimes my work can be quite deep in certain areas of the body that are holding onto a lot of tension. But it is always balanced with more gentle movements to make the experience pleasurable overall.

I love giving this massage almost as much as the person receiving it. I recommend 90 minutes as this massage gently allows the person to relax and unwind. After a period of time, the body starts to let go. It is exciting to see a physical change in the muscles as they soften and become less rope-like. People often ask me if I am tired after giving a massage. This is never the case for me. It is so gratifying to see the transformations as they occur and hear my clients say that they feel lighter, freer and more relaxed. Some people are totally energised when I’m through and some just want to rest and savour the experience. It is always a very personal outcome for each recipient… and It is always rewarding for me to know that I have assisted them in feeling better.

I am a Gokhale Method® Teacher and posture Coach. You can read more about this here.

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Ph: 0428 223 271 • Email: michelle@alohadreamingmassage.com

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  1. Hi, My partner and I are staying in Binalong Bay next weekend and I was searching for a massage therapist. Do you work weekends? We are staying Friday and Saturday night. Kind regards, Kate Martin


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