Gokhale Method Workshops & Courses in Australia

Binalong BeachI live in Binalong Bay Tasmania, the start of the Bay of Fires. It is a beautiful travel destination and a great place to learn to live pain-free. You can learn the Gokhale Method while enjoying the worlds cleanest air, most beautiful beaches and amazing scenery. Contact me. Michelle 0428 223 271  – michelle@gohalemethod.com

I also travel teach throughout Australia! 

All you need is 8 people for a Group Foundations Course and I will come to you. There may be others interested in your city/town so if you gather some friends and you let me know your intentions, I can help add to the numbers to make it happen for you in your area. Contact me with any questions. Email me michelle@gokhalemethod.com or call 0428 223 271 for more details and information on how we can work together. The easiest way to see all of my current offerings in one place is to go to my teacher’s page for the latest updates.

Gokhale Method offering descriptions:

  • Free workshop: In the 1 hour free workshop you will start to learn the why and the how of the Gokhale Method. Many free workshops begin by showing you how to stretchsit. This is a way of sitting back in a seat and giving yourself gentle traction, which eases compression in your spine and stretches out tight or spasming back muscles. 

  • Group Foundations Course: The Foundations Course is the core offering of the Gokhale Method. In six 1.5 hour lessons, you can change your habits efficiently and profoundly through a combination of verbal explanation, visual materials, and gentle hands-on guidance.  Classes kept at a maximum of 6-8 students.

  • Private Foundations Course: Learning the Gokhale Method Foundations course one-on-one allows for more flexibility in scheduling, permits your teacher to focus on you for the entire time, and allows for more privacy. Learn the basics of Primal Posture™ and how to apply this knowledge in situations particular to your life. The one-on-one course accommodates people with mild to severe levels of pain, as well as people seeking to improve well-being.

  • Initial consultation: An initial consultation is a good place to begin your posture journey, especially if you have a complex history of musculoskeletal or health problems. You will receive a comprehensive evaluation of your current posture and how it relates to problems you may be having, a projection of what structural changes are possible, and some key ideas and practices to help you improve your structure immediately and long-term.

  • Alumni classes: The experience of our many alumni shows that ongoing practice, as well as learning new and advanced methods, make the experience of the Gokhale Method Foundations Course even more valuable.  These hands-on classes offer refresher training, as well as introduce new and advanced techniques. 

  • Corporate offerings: Since healthy posture is a cultural matter, the workplace offers an especially rich opportunity to improve people’s musculoskeletal health.  Gokhale Method teachers have conducted one-hour workshops in numerous corporations and more extensive offerings at large companies such as Google, IDEO, Varian Medical Systems, and Facebook as well as small companies such as Johnston Millwork, McCarthy Law Office, and Mimosa Systems. No place is too big or too small for us.

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Click the videos below to hear what some of my past students have to say about the Gokhale Method Foundations Course:

For current Courses and workshops in AU see tabs on this page or go to my teacher’s page.

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